Schedule of Fees

Below is a list of all fees that we charge our tenants in line with the Tenant Fees Act 2019:

Rent and Bills

Some of our properties are ‘occupation only’ and you will need to organise and pay your bills separately. However, for some of our properties, our rent consists of two separate amounts – one amount for occupation and one for bills, being gas, electricity, water, internet and council tax (where applicable). These figures will be detailed in your tenancy agreement.


We use the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) for our tenancy deposits. We never ask for more than five weeks’ rent as a deposit [this presumes that annual rent is £50,000 or less].

Holding Deposit

We don’t always charge a holding deposit to reserve a property, but if we do it will never be more than one week’s rent.

Lost Keys

Our tenant’s security is of the greatest importance to us, and we only use the best quality keys/security devices and locks. As such, it can be expensive to replace a lost key/security device, as they cannot be replaced by a normal locksmith, but only by a specialist. The cost of replacing a key/security device is currently £25, which consists of the cost of the key/security device and our reasonable costs (ordering and collecting directly from specialist). This will need to be paid by you before the key/security device is collected.


If you fall into rent arrears then after 14 days we charge interest at 3% above the Bank of England base rate, calculated daily.

Changes to the Tenancy Agreement

If you want to vary, transfer, or enter into a whole new contract, then we charge £50. However, if legal advice or drafting is required then we will charge you our reasonable legal costs, which we will inform you about before the cost is incurred. This will need to be paid by you before the work is undertaken.

Ending the Tenancy Early

If you want to leave your tenancy early then we are legally entitled to recover our losses – usually any unpaid rent, but sometimes other things as well. You will be considered to have left your tenancy early if you leave before the end of the fixed term.

Please note: These fees apply to any tenancies entered into after the 1st June 2019.
Any tenancies entered into prior to this date, previous fees still apply until the 31st May 2020. (Please refer to your contract and tenancy paperwork).